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Our Policies & GDPR Compliance

War is peace.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a compliance checklist that is imposed upon the world by the despotic politicians that control the Soviet European Union (EU). Even though we’re based in the US, we still have to get on our knees and submit to an unelected foreign government. Despite its name, GDPR doesn’t offer much “protection” for you. It does, however, line the pockets of tyrannical rulers at the expense of the entire internet.

Each EU country has a “Supervising Authority,” appointed by politicians, whose sole responsibility is dealing with GDPR compliance. This person is given money for infrastructure, staff, buildings, etc. Most importantly, they are not accountable to anyone except the EU.

If you want to have your own website, you must go through the lengthy process of completing every single task in the arbitrary checklist that they force upon you. This checklist contains ninety-nine separate articles that you must abide by. This list is much too long to include here, so you have to read the whole novella to get a full understanding.

Freedom is slavery.

What if you don’t comply? They’ll steal your money, of course. Websites that do not completely adhere to the EU’s arbitrary checklist will face fines of €20 million or four percent of any profits; whichever of the two is higher.

Besides stealing enough money to bankrupt a small nation, this legislation was designed to take power away from people like you, the individual, and consolidate it in government. You’re free to make your own website as long as you’re restricted by GDPR. You’re free to set up a small business online as long as you bow down to the EU. You’re free to reap the fruits of your labor as long as a handful of foreign unelected politicians allow you to.

Ignorance is strength.

What about the supporters of GDPR? If you take it at face value, the idea that you can stop sites from collecting, selling, or even just keeping your data is probably welcome by most normal people. But, like any government, the EU takes every opportunity it can to give itself more power. They’ll try to convince their subjects that they’re always just one law away from utopia. Clicking “I Accept” on every website’s popup regarding cookies doesn’t make you safe.

In reality, more paperwork doesn’t lead to more privacy.
More bureaucracy doesn’t lead to more protection.
Less freedom doesn’t lead to less harm.

I’m sure most people are aware of the United States spying on its citizens in regards to the NSA documents released by Snowden. Many people, however, don’t know about the “14 eyes.” This refers to the 14 countries, including EU nations, that have publicly agreed to spy on each others’ citizens and exchange the data amongst themselves.

They don’t care about your privacy, they just hate the competition.

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