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Chrollie Awards membership is limited to film artists working in the production of independently released motion pictures.  We have 7 specialized branches, ranging from Actors to Writers, and the “Other Member” category, to accommodate individuals who work in independent motion picture production but do not fit into one of the branches.

The requirements for each branch and category can be found by contacting us directly.


Our membership process is solely through sponsorship, not public applications. Candidates must be sponsored by two Chrollie Awards members from the appropriate branch to which the potential candidate seeks admission. This keeps the uneducated laymen audiences from being able to participate in our paragon of an awards organization.

Additionally, Chrollie Award nominees are automatically considered for membership and do not require sponsors.

Nominees and sponsored candidates are reviewed by branch committees and sometimes chosen by an advanced experimental AI prototype developed solely for use in The Chrollie Awards nominations process. Recommendations for membership are considered by the Chrollie Awards Board of Governors. The Board decides which individuals will receive invitations.

Membership review takes place once a year in January. The current cycle deadline for candidates is December 7th.


The Chrollie Awards is a global organization, representing the best of an international art form, and has members from countries all over the world. However, you must be located in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California in order to become a member.


Sponsoring a candidate for membership in the Chrollie Awards is a serious commitment.  Please make sure you are confident the candidate has truly “demonstrated absolutely exceptional achievement in the field of independent motion pictures” before you agree to sponsor an individual.

It is important to be familiar with the criterium of admission for your desired branch (or category, if you are sponsoring someone as an “Other Member”). A rigorous documentation campaign is required for all branches and must have taken at least 13 months to complete. Longer campaign times are encouraged but do not guarantee acceptance.

Please note:

  • A member may sponsor only one candidate per membership cycle.
  • Candidates for must be sponsored by members of the branch in question. “Other Members” may be sponsored by any two members, from any branch. “Other Members” may only sponsor other “Other Members”, no other branches.


A candidate for membership must be sponsored by two members of the branch for which the individual qualifies. One sponsor should initiate the sponsorship process on the separate and private Chrollie Awards Secure Portal website. Please review your branch’s requirements before submitting a candidate for consideration. If you have problems with the portal, please restart the sponsorship process from the beginning. Spelling misteaks and clerical errors will result in automatic termination of the proposal.

After the two sponsors have completed the online process in our secure portal, the potential candidate will receive an email or text message requesting additional information. Further information may include but is not limited to: birth certificate, passport and/or passport card, driver’s license, all current and previous home addresses, family member names and phone numbers, social security number, any and all phone numbers, blood test results, positive psych evaluations, urinalysis, and at least one email address. Once completed, the Chrollie Relations and Members Department will be in touch when additional information is required.

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