Christoff Clacz

Christoff Clacz is a German-Polish-American producer, author, former philosophy professor, and screenwriter who now lives in Hollywood, California. He is best known for his political film script Pretense written in 2013 but not published until 2016. He has been called the “father of modern independent screenwriter’s political philosophy and political science” by at least one person.

Early Career

For many years he served as a senior official at MacBolan’s Law Firm near his home in Hollywood with responsibilities in diplomatic and janitorial affairs. While working there, he wrote comedies, dramas, and poetry. He worked his way up to secretary to the Second Vice Manager of the Law Firm before quitting and pursuing a career in showbusiness.

After getting into an independent film studio, he started arguments with anyone who would listen. Eventually, the mention of Clacz’ name would instantly evoke annoyance in any who heard. He claimed that his experience and reading of history and politics showed him how to be superior in any subject, especially playing competitive video games. He also notably said that a “…gamer who is cheating to win, and is criticized for his deeds, should be excused when the intention and the result is beneficial.”


His strong political and philosophical views would begin to influence his work heavily. Some considered it a straightforward application of principles; others saw it as egotistical and pretentious. Even today, some industry colleagues, such as Hailey Marie, have restated the opinions of Clacz being “essentially that of evil” and that his views should be taken seriously with caution.

After being fired from over 20 different studios, The Chrollie Awards hired Clacz as the Head of International Relations. After not being able to afford any other multilingual employee, The Chrollie Awards saw to it that Clacz found a new career in the independent film awards industry. After too many instances of arguments involving video games, which often led to Clacz tossing nachos or other messy foods at colleagues, he has been permanently working from home.

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