Guy Aki

Guy Theodore Aki is a film buff and legal analyst for Chrollie Awards.

Early Career

Guy attended University in the Northeastern US where he studied Law and met his eventual girlfriend. She was responsible for introducing Guy to arthouse film, where he would eventually shift his focus. He would begin skipping classes to watch as many movies as he could find, and stopped attending entirely by the end of the semester.
After the mysterious disappearance of his girlfriend, Aki moved to California to pursue a career in the Visual Arts. He struggled to find work in Hollywood, likely because he would only apply for entry level positions involving films in the horror genre. This eventually caused him to abandon his pursuits in the film industry.


After the IRS tried finding him for overdue tax filings, the government listed him as “presumed deceased.” This was during the same time period when multiple young individuals went missing in the area, and later found dead. However, he would fortunately resurface several years later with amnesia. He shortly began applying to companies within the Hollywood area again. After struggling to obtain legal forms due to his misunderstood past, Aki then volunteered to become a legal analyst for Chrollie Awards. He is a welcome addition to the our staff.

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