Zakary Royev

Zakary Royev is an American philanthropist, stock broker, accountant and financier for the Chrollie Awards.

Early Career

Zakary Royev was born just outside Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania and grew up in Philadelphia. He founded a penny stock brokerage in 1982, which eventually grew into an Investment Securities firm. He served as the company’s chairman until he met his wife and left the company to pursue a career in showbusiness. Royev then employed his brother as the chairman and moved to Hollywood, California with his wife to find work in the film industry.


Royev became a philanthropist who temporarily served on various boards of small nonprofit institutions. He was responsible for the endowments of American Family Foundations, the Chipin Charitable Foundation, the Wicoper Foundation, and others. Royev donated around $5,000 to autism research after his son was diagnosed with the disease. He and his wife gave over $19,000 to political causes since 1991, with the bulk going to the Democratic Party. After getting released from jail due to misdemeanor financial crimes involving Ponzi schemes, he joined Chrollie Awards as an accounting assistant.

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