Best Supporting Actress

With a character that look like adam scott

Film Title

I See Dead People


Dominic Grose


Best Supporting Actress


2022 (6th) Chrollie Awards


This film tells the story of Mary, who appears to be your typical young adult, albeit a little addicted to heavy drugs that are slowly killing her. Expelled halfway through senior year of college, Mary is diagnosed with a mental illness known as “weedhead.” Living in constant fear of being exposed, Mary finds a terrifying connection with a hallucination who is also interested in hard drugs. This inspires Mary to have an open heart and not be defined by his condition. Mary dies shortly after deciding to avoid help.

What Critics are saying

“My dog died of Hemangiosarcoma last week. We had more enjoyment watching her last moments over Facetime than I did this. Thank you.”

– Benjamin Chrollin

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