B. Gawn

Bridgette Gawn is an American film historian, cinematographer, founder and executive director of Chrollie Awards. Best known for an “upper crust” style of writing, while asserting critical views informed by values of humanism and compassion. 
After gaining attention from her excellent work in film criticism, Gawn co-wrote over a dozen screenplays for independent filmmakers within one year.

Early Career

Bridgette Gawn was recognized for making sophisticated cinematic and objective ideas more accessible to uneducated laymen audiences. Her specific writing style was frequently confused with now-defunct indie film magazine GradTwo (short for Graduation Two), causing the publication to issue a formal statement disproving the rumors of Gawn being a GradTwo ghostwriter. This accidentally helped her gain more recognition in the independent film world and ultimately led to her creation of The Chrollie Awards.


Gawn then turned her focus totally The Chrollie Awards in hopes of celebrating independent media of all kinds. Specializing in lesser-known independent films, Gawn’s work often results in such films receiving greater exposure. She has described her current career as “like a dream come true” in interviews, stating “…I’ve always wanted… to create an independent awards organization that celebrated independent films…I don’t see how I can make my life any better.”

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