Benjamin Chrollin

Benjamin Chrollin is an American film critic, author, media personality, and host of The Chrollie Awards. After attending California Institute of the Arts, Chrollin began his screenwriting career. Despite only finding work in the independent world of film, many of his works have been nominated for awards. You can read his film reviews by clicking the link below.

Early Life

Chrollin’s father served as a lieutenant in the U.S. Army and his grandfather was a major general, while Benjamin decided to avoid the military altogether for personal and moral reasons. This eventually led to his persistent criticism of the military in his screenplays.

At age 16, while still attending high school, he won an internship at a local radio station in Hollywood, California. He was trained in the many aspects of radio and performance art. When a regular DJ called in sick, Chrollin was put on the air for the first show of his broadcasting career. Despite this opportunity turning into an embarrassment, this launched him further into the world of show business.


After being fired from the radio show, Chrollin continued to work behind the scenes at other stations in the area until he graduated high school. Chrollin then went on to study journalism at the University of California but ultimately dropped out before the first semester ended. He then continued his radio career via podcasting, gaining dozens of listeners on a monthly basis.

In 2016, Chrollin agreed to co-produce the locally broadcasted show The Chrollie Awards after being approached by Bridgette Gawn, his longtime friend from film school. Chrollin declared himself as host before any pre-production started. Today, he remains host and co-producer of the awards show which takes place in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California.

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