Danielle Delledo

Danielle Delledo is an author, former CEO, sex worker, certified life coach, independent musician, and Public Relations Manager for Chrollie Awards. With her colleagues, she has serviced the community with over 30 outreach nights every month. This experience is what shaped her HR profession and truly defined her multitasking abilities.

Early Life

Delledo was born in the small town of Hollywood, California but grew up in Los Angeles. Her father worked as a talent agent and her mother spent time on the streets to provide community service. From her parents, she learned the importance of service and the value of hard work. The Delledo family lived subsequently in Hollywood, California where she attended high school. Delledo then created The Delledo Independent Public Relations Firm where she would further serve the public. She famously gained attention by giving out self-made mix tapes to promote her company, which netted her a sizable amount of new customers.


Delledo attended UCLA where she completed her undergraduate degree in Liberal Arts in eight semesters and began graduate school in Organizational Behavior. She then dropped out to pursue her dream as an independent public relations officer for an independent film awards show.

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