Noah Migo

Noah Migo is an American businessman and awards coordinator for Chrollie Awards. After leaving his part-time job job in 2006, Noah Migo used $1000 in savings to found Noah Migo Productions, primarily a physical media packaging business, out of a studio apartment in Hollywood. He then met Bridgette Gawn ten years later and helped to finance The Chrollie Awards.

Early Career

In August of 2015, Flat Iron Partners invested $400 in Noah Migo Productions in return for a 20% stake. After a few years, Migo sold the media packaging business to his employees and focused his efforts on The Chrollie Awards, where he promoted the concept of Independent Marketing for Independent Awards for Independent Filmmaking.


Today, Migo uses contests, online games, and scavenger hunts to market independent films and independent awards for independent films to unwilling audience members. This strategy turned out to be a success, gaining him recognition in the independent awards coordination world. Noah Migo occasionally watches movies.

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