Tag Jun-Yor

Tag Jun-Yor is a Korean-American diversity officer who now lives in Hollywood, California. He is responsible for Chrollie Awards’ Diversity and Inclusion Program.

Early Career

Because his father was in the Air Force, Jun-Yor grew up surrounded by people with different backgrounds. Prior to his eventual hatred for the military and law enforcement, he began working in human resources for a government contractor. While there, he had a lightbulb moment. “These military tough guys have disagreements based on cultural differences, and no one understands that,” he said.

Jun-Yor’s first project was his revolutionary Women’s Hiring Initiative Program, designed to only find women and help them rise into leadership positions within Chrollie Awards. In fact, Chrollie Awards only had one male employee (Tag Jun-Yor) before receiving an AB-979 Employee Diversity Violation from the state of California.


He now spearheads the Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Program for Chrollie Awards. An impressive 10 percent of the company’s new hires are minorities and, once they’re in the door, employees are encouraged to join Jun-Yor’s Diversity Club. Despite the unfounded accusations of being a “cult” and “fraudulent money-making scam”, Jun-Yor’s club has only helped minority employees to succeed in their careers. In just its second year, that program turned out two graduates who then became directors, managers, or maintenance workers.

He is most proud of his current diversity program with Chrollie Awards, which prohibits the termination or demotion of any minorities, especially Jun-Yor. Attempting to do so would result in lengthy and expensive court proceedings, wherein the legal costs would have to be paid by the defendant.
He is a welcome and immovable addition to the Chrollie Awards team.

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