Best Animated Film

that tries to portray a marionette doll as a serious threat

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Carlos Omar De León


Best Animated Film


2022 (6th) Chrollie Awards


When a small home is invaded by one clown marionette from a thrift store who isn’t threatening or intimidating whatsoever, the protagonist takes it way too seriously. Why? Because the movie has to happen. The tiny inanimate circus clown doesn’t even use weapons or move at all without the help of someone off-camera. The only person in this home chooses to not seek help in any way because the movie has to happen. Armed with nothing but neuroticism, the protagonist decides to hide in plain sight and cower in fear in a basement. The movie then stops without any explanation.

What critics are saying

“This short demonstrates a genuinely imaginative approach to a tired horror trope. The idea of using a clown but as a doll as a vehicle to prey on people’s inert fear of both; dolls and clowns. It truly epitomizes creativity and thought-provoking filmmaking but most of all, award-worthy artistry. Killer Klowns From Outer Space 2: Big Pile of Doo Doo. Thank you.”

Benjamin Chrollin

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