Best Animated Film

Best animated film

that includes an original made-up language and is also based on folkore

Film Title



Chris Dudley


best animated film


2022 (6th) Chrollie Awards


Move over, star trek! Klingon’s got nothing on this made-up language!
The filmmaker(s) went above and beyond for this short film. To go out of your way to make an actual language and characters just for a below average 70 second video film? Now that’s true artistry and dedication.

They even made the only character have red eyes! (You know how much we love those!) Abso-lutely not cliché whatsoever. As in, not at all. Definitely not!

What critics are saying

“Ever heard of Kuchisake-Onna? It’s a famous urban legend from somewhere east of here, in case you’ve been living inside a rock forever. Wasn’t it also in Lord of the Rings? Maybe I’m thinking of Star Wars? Probably not though because I’ve never seen either of those. Either way, it’s a wholly original title. And story! I’ve never heard of that tired old bit of folklore. It’s never been done by anyone, ever!

B. Gawn

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