Best Animated Film

Best Animated Film

With a lady wearing vR goggles while screaming

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Gabriel Popoff


Best Animated Film


2022 (6th) Chrollie Awards


In the early twenty-first century, the RESET Corporation, during what was called the RESET phase, developed robots, called “RESETs”, that were supposed to aid society, which looked and acted like humans. When the superhuman generation RESET 6 RESETs, used for dangerous off-Earth endeavors, began a mutiny on an off-Earth colony, RESETs became illegal on Earth. Police units, called “RESET runners”, have the job of destroying – or in their parlance “resetting” – any RESET that makes its way back to or created on Earth, with anyone convicted of aiding or assisting a RESET being sentenced to death.

What critics are saying

“Hello, Ben here says this short is a pretty solid 4/4. My cohort on the other hand suggests it’s a 3/4 with one of those points being a mulligan because it’s in a foreign language. I disagree. Film génial. Merci. – Ben”

Benjamin Chrollin

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