Best Writing

Best Writing

That Involves Bath Products That Specifically Kill Vampires

Film Title

Bubbles of Blood


Abyssmal Entertainment


Best Writing (Original Screenplay)


2022 (6th) Chrollie Awards


Never before has a film gone so far as to answer the long debated question of whether or not a vampire can be killed by bath product(s). In this exciting and unrelenting rollercoaster-ride-of-a-short-film, you’ll get an answer to that question. Spoilers, you already know the answer based on the title. I saved you 53 seconds. Or not, if you choose to watch it. Not like I care, I won’t even know if you do or not anyway. Why am I even writing this? How do I know if you’re even reading it? Actually, let me know if you are, thanks.

What critics are saying

“I found this short film very inspiring. The depth of the character in her arc was astounding in that it all came to a satisfying climax towards the end. Oh… wrong video.”

Benjamin Chrollin

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My film rating :

Awesome work, glad they won

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