Best Supporting Actor

Best Supporting actor

That has a weird glitchy filter applied to a whole arm and hand

Film Title



Ryan Tocheri (he/him/his)


Best Supporting Actor


2022 (6th) Chrollie Awards


There’s not much to say because there’s not much going on. I has a supporting actor, at least. I guess they don’t know that you put the release year at the end of your title [ (2022) like this] instead of when it was made. 2019 is just so long ago too, no one would want to see an old fossil of a movie from back then. And they’d be right with this one!

What critics are saying

We loved the symbolism of the half-opened cabinet. It pulls the viewer into the mind of a conflicted man, both in life and in aspirations. Absolutely enthralling attention to detail. Great job! Thank you!

Benjamin Chrollin

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