Best Sound Design

Best sound design

with plagiarized audio stingers from Halloween (1978)

Film Title

It Creeps At Night


Tyler Rezentes


Best Sound Design


2022 (6th) Chrollie Awards


This movie has the balls to completely ripoff a super popular movie’s audio clips and pretend like it’s theirs. Not even a mention in the credits or description. Just raw plagiarism.

Such originality!

They even try to trick the audience by including a fake MPAA rating tag and the Dolby logo in the thumbnail.

Such honesty!

“It was so courteous of that killer to wear a facemask before killing that woman. So considerate! Very edgy, very cool! We especially like how you stole the stinger from Halloween (1978)! Like no one has ever seen THAT movie before, they surely won’t notice! 0/4. Thank you.”

Benjamin Chrollin

What talentless hacks are saying

What a hot film take that no one’s ever had. And yes, the stinger is on purpose…and this is for a class project. Are you okay? lol. And facemasks are for safety…because we are in a pandemic…which is something I thought you may be able to pick up on considering you are so intuitive about film references within this class project. If you’re trying to be insulting, I would probably work on it a bit more. Otherwise you kind of just come off stupid. lol

Tyler Rezentes, the director

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My film rating :

director seems like whiny baby 😭 😭 😭 😭 jajajaja

My film rating :

the on guy who made it so angry even tho he ripped off hallowwen wow

My film rating :

That’s so pathetic. How could anyone think they’d get away with this?

My film rating :

There was a film i foudn called izzy’s way home and it was a ripoff of finding nemo. the animation looked cgi but it was the compn’s 1st film. animation looked doodoo
i didnt even watch 10 minutes

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