Best Supporting Actress

Best Supporting actress

Who asks questions at a wall in hopes the Protagonist will hear her

Film Title

Dirty Work




Best Supporting actress


2022 (6th) Chrollie Awards


With many people fearing the actions of superheroes, the government decides to push for the Hero Registration Act, a totalitarian law that limits individual freedoms. This results in a schism within The Avengers. Iron Man stands with the authoritarians, claiming that their actions must be controlled by an elite few because “think of the children.” However, Captain America believes in freedom, citing how governments have historically committed atrocities in the name of “peace.” This escalates into an all-out war between the Fascist Team Iron Man (Iron Man, Blacci Panthera, Vizioni, Black Widower, Warlike Machinery, and Man-Spider) and the freedom-loving Team Captain America (Captain America, Bucky ‘BlueBalls’ Barnes, Falconi, Scarletto Witch Queen, Hawkeyebrow, and Anteater-Man) while a new villain emerges. I honestly haven’ seen it though, so this award may be undeserved.

What critics are saying

We loved the sporadic editing and audio mixes! Truly ahead of your time! The way you masterfully showed the assailant hiding the bloody gloves at the interview followed by a quick-cut to said gloves outside the bag in view of the client was so daring! Truly inspiring and professional work for a rising star in the filmmaking sphere!

Benjamin Chrollin

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My film rating :

to girl in white shirt: i dont know if some1 has told u before but i will confirm what they say: you are beautful

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