Best Actress

Best Actress

in a film that doesn’t have a Leading actress. or anything else going for it, really

Film Title

group 3 -‘figure’ horror.mp4 [sic]




Best Actress (Leading)


2022 (6th) Chrollie Awards


Despite the fact that his friends don’t believe him and desperate to help save the colony, Bic volunteers to go out into the world and search for a better script. Instead, what he got was a talented group of circus performers. But when the cast returns and take control of the set, Bic must prove himself a true hero before it’s too late. Spoilers: He fails.

What critics are saying

“We wished we had some needles to shove into our eyeballs mid-way through. Also, what school is this for? We can donate a vacuum. Thank you

PS- I never knew what it was like to be suicidal before, but now i’m enlightened.

PPS- thanks”

Chrollie Awards Team

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