Best Actor

Who is a manly man being manly and menly while being a man and/or men

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Rosso Brothers


best actor


2021 (5th) Chrollie Awards


So manly, so menly, so hunky, so chunky. But the good kind of chunky, like peanut butter if you’re into that. I hope you are, because this is like peanut butter: the movie. But the good kind of peanut butter: the movie. Look at those man muscles. There are at least 2 of them! At least!

Additionally, they know how to use depth of field. Is that possible on modern cameras? The uneducated laymen audiences won’t know this, but this question is still very much up for debate. The world may never know.

Also, don’t pay attention to the gross egg smushing sounds while a manly hunky chunky man is eating it. Even more reason for hunky chunky ?̷̧̛͙̫̭̖̗̺͎̻͓̺͇̱͆̌́̈̍?̵̞͙̩̫̮͔͍̊̔̋̑͂̾̉̀̅̈́̔̽̃̒n?̴͎͕̈̑̆̿k?̴̡̤͙͕̳̲̯̑̆̐̂͛̿͘ͅy?̷̮͌ nd even gets spooky at the end!

What critics are saying

“You might be asking, “Why are they on a farm?” to which my answer would be, “Who cares?!” They’re hunky men who have manly hunkiness on their man-like bods. That’s all we care about here. Also, outdoorsmen are cleanshaven and have platinum hair and in this cinematic universe. So awesome.”

B. Gawn

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