Best Directing

Best Directing

for a movie that Interrupts the horror with dubstep circa 2014

Film Title



Isaac Ruth


Best Directing


2022 (6th) Chrollie Awards


After escaping the relentless clutches of an abusive relationship, Alcoholic Actor-Man reluctantly returns to housesit for his friend. Family member? Acquaintance? Doesn’t matter.
Little does Alcoholic Actor-Man know, this seemingly innocent home is harboring a sinister secret dating back a decade. Now, Alcoholic Actor-Man finds himself caught up in a horrifying family drama while confronting an angry spirit named Layteks Mahsk.
All suspense and/or horror is then immediately shattered by cheesy dubstep music and a splash credits screen. Watch it for the dubstepical, musical, orchestral, and audiotastic nostalgia alone. You’ll soon remember what it felt like to unironically like that one Skrillex song from the early 2000s.

What critics are saying

“Typical Bang Energy drink enjoyer. Chads will be Chads. Very nice! Thanks!”

Benjamin Chrollin

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