Best Adapted Screenplay

Best adapted screenplay

for a movie that has a freakin’ cellphone as its main antagonist

Film Title



Pablo Olmos Arrayales


Best Adapted Screenplay


2022 (6th) Chrollie Awards


The year is 2008. Global warming has melted much of the planet’s polar ice caps, resulting in serious flooding around the world – including the city of Italy, which is now under several feet of water. In the ensuing chaos, a killer has emerged. One that’s unnatural, unrelenting, unforgivable, and unstoppable. Maverick veteran traffic policeperson Harlie Ramirez has a link with the killer – it murdered her partner, and she will do whatever it takes to bring down the evasive killer. As a new rookie is assigned to her, The Rock must find the killer, rescue his new girlfriend he just met on Tinder via DEMONI-iOS, and fight off his own inner “demonis” as he gets closer to his mysterious adversary. But when the killer is a vicious ten foot tall man in an alien rubber suit, even in the future, there aren’t guns big enough to stop the creature’s deadly reign. Your precious second amendment can’t help you now, loser. They all die in the end. Please don’t watch this.

What critics are saying

“¿Cómo obtuvo su escuela los derechos de “Split Second” (1994)? Muy bueno que hayan consultado con el estudio para obtener los derechos para usar su diseño de monstruo. ¡Gracias!”

Benjamin Chrollin

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