I’ll Have A Gin & Sonic: How the new sonic oST led to my alcoholism

By Danielle Delledo | May, 2022

I am siting here after a dramatic hearing of the Sonic 2 Movie Score. I have fought with myself long and hard on what I am going to write about what will it come across as and what I feel is appropriate to convey to this review. I want to start off by the how I perceive the score. I started by listening to “piece of shitake planet” while dull and boring it felt a sense of this should be in the movie. I was not surprised that the first score of the movie was below average.

I Reviewed the next track “Blue Menace”, then the next one “Mind if I Drive”. Again and again the score was just unbearable to listen to. I Began to think back to my child hood on how I was oppressed in my native land and I couldn’t believe how troubling this score made me feel. I flashed forward as I listened to each song “Sonic’s Home”, “A Wachowski Family Special”, “Sonic, Meets Knuckles”. Again and again I felt the sting of my life and what I have been through. My techniques for even being a life coach was starting to fade and the lessons I taught my subjects could not console me.

About a half hour in to the score I decided that I would end my life after what it made me feel. I started to climb to the top roof of the holiday inn I was staying in through the fire exit bringing my Zune 30 with me. The only reliable thing in my life. The only thing that has never let me down unlike Marie. I set out to finish this review as I was invested so heavily in it. As I sat on the ledge trying top finish this review I have given up hope. I was ready to end it when the Song “You don’t have to be alone anymore”. I listened and shouted for joy from the roof top. I did not feel I needed to end my life I felt a new sense of purpose. This song in its self was inspiration it was hope it was everything I needed to hear in my bleak moment of depression, anxiety, hopelessness, and a sense of accomplishment that I have felt. I applauded this score for saving me and hope it saves others. I want to leave a quote for inspiration as well hoping someone reads this.

“When one door of happiness closes, another opens, but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has been opened for us.” — Helen Keller

(Care Bears OST is better.)

Sonic 2 OST (2022) Review Score

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