Best Film Editing

Best film editing

for a subversive comedy that’s not actually a comedy

Film Title

The Old Tenant


Brianna Lee


Best Editing


2022 (6th) Chrollie Awards


Frederick’s latest mishap with his new pet zebra gets him in some very deep trouble with the previous tenant of his apartment. So deep that his father has a heart attack and dies in the middle of lecturing Frederic about owning up to his mistakes. While at the funeral, the Frederico’s mother informs them that he has gone off his ADHD medication and is completely out of control. This is never resolved.
On the way back from the funeral, their car is rammed off the road by a guy named Rutger. It turns out that when Fredrik bought methamphetamine from Rutger four years ago, he inadvertently interrupted a bank robbery worth about $400.
Rutger wants it back, and has kidnapped Fred’s friend in order to send a message. Their mutual acquaintance Leslie Neeson, who made off with half of the bank heist’s loot, has escaped from a Mexican prison and has headed back to North America. However, it appears that only Fredrica knows the location of where Mr. Neeson is headed. This sends Fredero and his friend to Teaneck, New Jersey, where they take out a loan for $200 to pay back Neeson.
Can he foil the dastardly plot and make everything right for himself and his friend? Yes, because it’s only $200. Will Frederick finally meet his dream girl? No, because there was no subplot involving a romance whatsoever.

What critics are saying

“Thank you for telling us this was a “horror-comedy” in the thumbnail. We had no idea. Thanks”

Benjamin Chrollin

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