Best Documentary

Best Documentary

that includes an unrealistic depiction of a folkloric creature

Film Title

The Wendio


Sean McCarthy


Best Documentary Film


2019 (4th) Chrollie Awards


This documentary is the cream of the crop when it comes to folkloric creatures. Even though they spelled “Wendigo” wrong, it’s incredible. Despite stalking, lurking, hunting, and slowly approaching the protagonist, The Wendigo has a sudden change of heart and becomes so powerful that it snatches the entire camping tent away into the darkness. Not to mention the awesome red eyes used for the WendigoVision. Never before have we seen red eyes used in the inverse like this. Powerful documentary, must-watch.

What critics are saying

Have you ever heard of Sam Raimi? Have you seen “Antlers”? Great work, 3/4. thanks

Noah Migo

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