Best Sound Design

Best sound design

that includes disgusting, wet-sounding, gross popping noises

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matthew harris


best sound design


2021 (5th) Chrollie Awards


The totally-not-annoying wet disgusting popping sounds were absolutely not overused whatsoever! Why did those sounds keep playing? Why is this kid talking like a weirdo? Why do they spell it “colour”? Where did the ‘U’ come from? Does Michael J Fox have Parkinson’s? I forget the name. I’m pretty sure it’s Parkinson’s.

Also, RATATOUILLE‘s got nothing on this masterpiece of a film! The main lead is doing such a good job I didn’t know it was a real person (not CGI) until I saw the credits!

What critics are saying

Wow! This short was truly inspiring! The creativity with the schizophrenic edits really kept me engaged! It was also very admirable that you’d hire someone with Parkinson’s to be your cinematographer. You’re doing great! Keep up the great work! Thanks

Benjamin Chrollin

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