Best Visual Effects

Best Visual effects

that only use fake scan lines and a viewfinder overlay

Film Title

A DeMoN [sic] Within


Ahsan Raza


Best visual effects


2021 (5th) Chrollie Awards


Remember the 80s and 90s? Remember scan lines? Remember tracking problems? Re-live these amazing nostalgic memories by watching this “Found Footage” film.
Why are there scan lines in a digital video? This isn’t playing on a CRT TV. Also, this isn’t from the 80s or 90s, it says 2021. Not to mention how nobody uses CRTs anymore. If you do, why would you? There are plenty of better options.

The incredible use of the blue filter is absolutely astounding. I have literally never seen the use of a blue filter except for most other films that try to invoke sadness. Well either that or day-for-night. Either way, incredible cinematography. The erotic sequence at the end of the film was especially superb.

What critics are saying

“Why is there a viewfinder screen in the final footage? This isn’t that one guy from Hellraiser 3 who had a video camera lodged into his skull. It simply shouldn’t be happening at all. 4 stars, check it out.

B. Gawn

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