Day shift Reminds Us Real Vampires Exist… Unless You Count Dracula

By B. Gawn | August, 2022

The documentary titled ‘Day Shift’, directed by JJ Perry, depicts Los Angeles as it is plagued by vampires and a serial “jabber” who injects victims with AIDS positive blood. Disregarding the latter, Jamie Foxx creates a secret one-man militia to hunt down vampires. Once they are slain, he turns in their genitals to “fetishist dealers” who give him bounty money in return.

To avoid the suspicion of muggles, Foxx rides around in a pickup truck while LARPing as a pool cleaner who also bangs lonely housewives in his spare time. After coitus, he chugs a small bottle of whiskey and stumbles around the neighborhood to find vampires. He has a small arsenal of firearms, knives, ropes, and cartridges filled with wood. This is because he read a fictional story about a vampire hunter Bram Stoker who killed a vampire, named Bela Lugosi, by stabbing him in the eye with a piece of wood.

Foxx needs a large sum of money because his family needs to move across the country to a state that is more free. They cannot afford to survive in the hellscape that is Los Angeles because of the overwhelming amount of taxes that the government (aka ‘the State’) steals from them. It’s at this point that our main protagonist realizes something: the State is a vampire.

You see, they can’t do anything about it because these vampires continuously attempt to maintain a monopoly on the use of force. Foxx explains how it’s the only socially accepted organization on the planet that obtains its wealth by non-voluntary means. It does not receive money in exchange for goods or services, but by coercion and force. “The very definition,” he says, “of a vampiric parasite.”

We soon learn that this vampiric organization never lets a good opportunity go to waste and will give itself more power any chance it gets. When Foxx has been discovered to be receiving a bounty for his work, the government creates a special tax code relating to vampire hunting, causing Foxx to go deeper into debt. Since the State necessarily lives by confiscating private capital, they threaten him with forced imprisonment if he doesn’t comply. At this point in the documentary, Foxx needs more money than ever before.

Unable to afford basic survival for himself – let alone his family – our protagonist gets a knock on the door from the IRS. He looks through the peephole and sees they are carrying guns, so he quickly fumbles through his equipment hoping to exercise his right to defend himself on his own property. He looks through his gear bag and finds that all of the weapons are missing. After hearing noises behind him, he turns to see an ATF agent waving one of his guns back and forth before saying, “Looking for this?” followed by a callous smirk.

In the final moments of the documentary, Foxx is shown in a small, filthy prison cell. As rats are eating away at his paper-thin clothing, a voiceover explains how his dog was shot and his wife had also been imprisoned for being a co-conspirator in tax evasion. Their daughter is also in the hands of the State now, where she is being kept in an unnamed orphanage in the “bad part of town”.

In conclusion, this documentary is a sobering look at how these parasitic vampires are largely interested in protecting themselves rather than their subjects. A vampire pursues and punishes “crimes” against itself before pursuing crimes against its citizens. It’s an overall average documentary but Snoop Dogg’s weirdness knocked off 2 stars.

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Michael O.
My film rating :

Okay I want to see a movie like this now this is genius. Much better then the real thing

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I just like Jamie Fox

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