Schick Dark: The First All-Female Indie Film From Australia

By Noah Migo | May 12, 2022

Schick Dark, releasing at the end of this year, will be the first Australian independent feature film made exclusively by an all-female cast and production crew. The second feature film directed by Aussie filmmaker Hailey Marie, Schick Dark is already expected to be an underground cult classic.

Just a year ago it was rumored that Bridgette Gawn had produced a new “micro-budget” film in secret titled Everlasting Wife that sees her once again collaborating with Hailey Marie. Partnering with production company Fallax Films, the plot was kept a secret until this month when Hailey Marie made an announcement at an independent film festival in Perth, Australia. A teaser trailer was released the same day.

We now know it’s official title is Schick Dark, a psychological horror film in a deliberate “bogan” style. Given the production team’s underground success with both Presumptuous Attire films, Schick Dark could easily draw a big crowd. We’re very much looking forward to seeing a film that has 100% female cast and production crew. You can view the teaser trailer below, provided by the film’s production company Fallax Films.

Watch The Teaser Trailer

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