Let Us Prey: How Disney’s New Predator Film Is Sacrilegious Regarding Indigenous Peoples

By Noah Migo | August, 2022

Prey is the latest attempt at whitewashing Indigenous Peoples’ lived experiences, produced by the terrible people at Disney-owned Twentieth Century Studios. Exclusively available on the somehow-still-in-business streaming service Hulu, this isn’t your granddad’s Indiana Jones – it’s the new installment of the Predator franchise.

This time, it features a whole new twist: invisibility. Run and gun is the newest style of the series, probably because this keeps the Zoomers happy by reminding them of those damn video games they play. I’ve never seen a movie from a franchise do such a 180 from it’s original recipe. However, it doesn’t stray too far; there’s action, there’s guns, there’s Indigenous Peoples, what’s not to love? If you give a soulless corporate entity enough time and money they’ll eventually put out a movie that’s worthwhile (although I have a feeling it’s more of a “1000 monkeys and 1000 typewriters” kind of situation here.) Irregardless, this installment is an incredible step in the right direction. This movie makes it look like you are the predator and that’s what makes this movie my personal Film of the Year.

Let’s hope all of the future Predator installments are like this one. The immersion is next-level and really makes you feel like you’re the Predator. Who needs a Predator 6 when you have something that’s this mind blowing? Speaking of blowing minds, there’s never a dull moment when it comes to the action. The firearms used by Mr. Predator are a perfect fit for a man made of metal. If they had this kind of weaponry in AvP it would have easily been the highest grossing movie of all time.

Despite all of the positives this movie provides, I’m still offended on behalf of Indigenous Peoples everywhere. You can skip this one.

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